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    T40 axial flow fan is improved and designed on the basis of 30K4 (also called as 03-11 type) axial flow fan.
    This fan utilizes new barrel wheel hub structure because of the wing type of original 30K4 fan to be modified as a result the air efficiency of air is increased from 67% to 84% and the strength at vane root increased.
    T40 axial flow ventilation fan can be used as such applications as general factory, warehouse, office and residence for ventilation or enhancement of heat emission of radiator, if the enclosure of the fan is taken out, it can be used as freem fan and also can be installed in series in spacing in a long vent-pipe to increase the air pressure in the pipe.
    This series products can be divided to ten fan Nos. acc. to different impeller diameters, which are arranged in turn: №s 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
    This series products adopt diirect coupling structure for which impeller is directly installed on the motor shaft, three revolutions are provided under the condition at which the circumference speed of impeller is not more than 60m/s: 2900 r/min, 1450 r/min and 960 r/min. impeller is CCW looking by facing air inlet.
    Because the impeller dia., the installed angle of vane and the mainshaft speed are different, the air quantity, air pressure and power to be consumed are also different along with it, air pressure is 31Pa~473Pa and air quantity is 564m3/h ~48200m3/h.(Details see performance table).
    Air going through the fan should have no inflammable, explosive and corrosive media as well as obvious dust, temperature is not more than 45℃.
    This fan is composed of three parts such as impeller, enclosure and air collector:
    Impeller part: composed of vane and wheel hub etc., vane is of circular arc sheet, made of steel sheet by punching and fillet welded on external circle of wheel hub acc. to installation required.
    Enclosure part: composed of air barrel, base and support plates, made of steel sheet and profile. Air barrel is straight barrel shape and have a certain clearance between it and impeller.
    Air collector part: to reduce loss of air flow at inlet, air collector is made to circular arc streamline shape and formed by steel sheet punching or by spinning of spinning machine.
    Parameters in this performance table are those at standard condition, so-called standard condition, that is:
    When fan is operating at non-standard condition, its performance is calculated acc. to the following formula:

    Q0 、P0、N0、n0、ρ0 shows the air quantity, air pressure, power, speed and air density at standard condition.
    Q 、P 、N 、n 、ρshows the air quantity, air pressure, power, speed and air density at service condition.China axial fan factory

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