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    Product technical parameters
    1. The input power supply: 3 phase 380 v ±10% for 50 hz
    2. Microwave frequency: 915 MHZ
    3. Microwave power: 0 ~ 20 kw continuous adjustable
    4. High-power magnetron: single pipe
    5. Magnetron cooling: water
    6. Perfect protection system
    7. Microwave leak: < 1 mw/cm2 (national standard < 5 mw/cm2)
    Working principle and function
    Microwave chemical sewage treatment technology is to use the microwave non-thermal effect and heat effect choose absorbing "sensitizer" pass the pollutants in the water and the microwave can induce chemical reactions, by physical and chemical action of water pollutants degradation, transformation, accelerate the fluid in the solid and liquid separation, thus achieve the purpose of sewage purification;At the same time can effectively microwave sterilization, except the algae.Our company owns patent technology, microwave sewage treatment has applied domestic coking plant;Technological process is short, fast flocculation precipitation, cover an area of an area small;Low engineering investment intensity, short construction period;Strong adaptability, high treatment efficiency;In the operation of the unit equipment in can realize that is namely stop;Realizing the project small diversification, equipment.

    The main features
    1. Shorten the reaction time;
    2. High treatment efficiency;
    3. To adapt to the water quality fluctuation;Flocculation sedimentation speed;
    4. Strong sterilizing alga;
    5. Processing cost is low;
    6. No secondary pollution;
    7. Energy conservation and environmental protection;
    8. Super long continuous working performance, low failure rate.

    The purpose and scope of application
    Microwave chemical sewage disposal is significant for water pollutants removal efficiency and COD, BOD5, suspended solids from the water, volatile phenol and chroma removal rate over 80%.After processing the detection index conforms to the corresponding national emission standards, effluent is crystal clear;In addition by the relevant authority professional departments detection, the microwave leakage can be much lower than the national standard, to prove its absolutely safe and reliable to the human body.Microwave chemical sewage treatment fast decontamination, reliable efficient sterilization, remove algae and achieve the purpose of to turbidity was clear, the body does not produce secondary pollution, strong adaptability, easy to miniaturization and diversification, simple operation and maintenance, the advantages of short construction period and environment friendly.Can be widely used in coking wastewater treatment, the pig farm wastewater treatment, mining and metallurgy, chemical industry, urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment and other industries.
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